Our Sunday Schools are broken down into small groups so that everyone can find a place where they feel they belong. We would love for you to join us on a Sunday morning at 9:30am. 

For our newborns up to two years old. Sandy Smith

Baby Nursery

The class is geared to our 2-3 year olds. Kathy Ross

Toddler Teacher

The class is geared to children 4 years old through the first grade of school. Bill and Patty Kunkle

4yr old to 1st grade

The class is for school children in second and third grade Bonnie Oleyar

2nd and 3rd grade

This class is for 4th-6th grade girls Katie Eikenburg

4th-6th girls

The class is geared to our 4th-6th grade boys. Scott Palmer

4th-6th boys

The class is geared to young ladies in the 7th-9th grades of school. Vanessa Hoffer

7th-9th girls

The class is for young men in the 7th-9th grades of school. Rick Hoffer

7th-9th boys

This class is to help our 10th-12th grade teens transition into young adults. Keith Vaughan

10th-12th grades

This class is for our graduated high school students through 35 years old. Matt Palmer

Young Adults

The class is for 35-50 years of age to navigate a life of victory. Dwayne Ross

Victory Class

The class is for our 50+ group.

Pastor Schwender


This class is geared toward helping ladies in everyday struggles of life. Rachel Schwender

Ladies Class

This class meets to teach people from any walk of life the basics of what we believe and why we believe it.

Pastor Lear